When I first contacted Dr. G, I was at my wit’s end. A runner for about 17 years, I had been struggling with a gait issue for a couple of years that had progressively worsened to the point at which running was ridiculously uncomfortable, painful, and even exhausting. I had been to a very well-known sports lab in the area for a gait analysis—the doctor said it was a muscle weakness and sent me to physical therapy. Three months of PT helped a bit, but I left unsatisfied and could tell the root issue was still there (although I had no idea what the root issue was).

I plugged on for about another year hoping it would get better, but to no avail. Incredibly frustrated, I decided to search out a chiropractor and, specifically, one who treated runners (and, ideally, WAS a runner). That’s how I found Dr. G. At my first appointment, he immediately identified a trapped nerve that a well-known sports lab and months of PT had missed. After just one session, I could already see the beginnings of improvement.

Over the next several sessions, he fixed the nerve issue and also identified and fixed other muscle/scar tissue issues. And he kept with me over the next several months as we uncovered more minor areas of muscle tightness that could affect my gait—and as I “unlearned” bad running habits I’d developed. My running has improved tremendously, and I am beyond grateful to Dr. G. for finding what the experts missed.

As an added plus, when I saw how much he had helped my running, I decided to ask him about jaw tightness I’d had for years, too — he was also able to give me some MUCH needed relief in my jaw.

I highly recommend Dr. G. and credit him in a big way for helping me run comfortably again.

Gina D.

I like to tease Dr. G that he is a miracle worker. He always gets a laugh out of it, but I actually mean it given how he has helped me. I suffered from an Achilles injury for 20 years and thought I might never walk or run again without significant pain. But he was able to break up the scar tissue and restore me to full functionality without pain. Then two years later out of desperation I asked him to take a look at an old knee injury that was constantly throbbing in pain. Again he worked his magic and after several weeks of working on the scar tissue he was able to restore my knee to pain free health.

Jim B.

I worked with Dr. Christa throughout my pregnancy to relieve the lower back pain that often plagues pregnant women. She also always worked on my round ligament, to help it to stretch to accommodate my growing belly. I never experienced the round ligament pain that most women describe. In the 35th week, my baby was lying sideways and Dr. Christa helped to turn him around in 1 visit! Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Christa told me that women who received chiropractic care often experienced shorter and easier labors. I had only a 12 hour labor from start to finish and pushed for 15 minutes! I highly recommend Dr. Christa for prenatal chiropractic care. She really allowed me to enjoy my first pregnancy.

Danielle Y

I had injured my back and spent ten months doing PT as well as two Epidural injections and two “Trigger Point” injections. I was told I would need surgery. My first visit with Dr. Christa she asked about my entire history, what worked and what didn’t. After about ten minutes of manipulations I had considerably less pain then I had in months. After a few sessions, I had no pain at all. Dr. Christa took the time to learn my little quirks and problem areas. She has changed my life…literally. I can jog in the park, and am now able to take martial arts.

Ken B.

Due to the high intensity and athletic nature of CrossFit, it is important that our clients are fully functional and injury free. Dr. Glogowski has been a big part of this process with his all-natural and quick healing approach. Anytime we suspect dysfunction in a client, we are happy to send them his way, having full confidence they will be back in the gym in no time.

CrossFit West Chester

As a professional running coach, I am constantly seeking an extra 1% performance edge for my athletes. That 1% can be the difference between success and failure at the highest levels of competition, and the difference between enjoyment and dislike of running training for recreational runners.

For most runners, the accurate evaluation of injuries and the appropriate treatment for the problem is a huge hurdle to overcome. Some orthopedic doctors, DPMs, PTs and “sports” chiropractors are just not good at working with runners. Their knowledge of anatomy is general, but their knowledge of kinesiology is lacking. How muscles, tendons, and ligaments move during running is paramount in evaluating an injury. Just using an MRI to tell a runner what hurts is not as valuable as explaining why the injury occurred, and how to go about preventing it from happening again.

When I started working with Dr. G. to rehab a surgically repaired meniscus, I realized I might not have needed the surgery if I had seen Dr. G. before the tear occurred. My meniscus tear was avoidable because I had muscle imbalances in my core due to hernia surgery and 50,000 miles of running that could have been addressed with ART treatments and a well thought out strengthening program. Given that I wrote a book on anatomy and strength training for runners (Running Anatomy, Human Kinetics, 2010), I had that covered. I turned to Dr. G for the ART treatments, and the results have been remarkable. Specifically, I can run almost entirely pain-free again after not being able to run at all three months ago.

Unlike many chiropractors, and other doctors I have dealt with, Dr. G did not tell me how great he was at his trade. He did not tell me what he could do. He just asked me questions (took a history) about my injury, asked my input, and then set to work. When he was done the first treatment, he explained what he found, and explained what he thought. The next session was the same, the next one similar. By the fourth session I felt better, and Dr. G began exploring other muscles that may have an ancillary impact on my injury. This process has continued for three months, with great success. The old adage “the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to…” is applicable to all running injuries. By evaluating all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, their insertion points and origin, as well as bony structures that have any impact on the injury, Dr. G. ultimately gets to the problem. His ART skills have been honed with multiple certifications, and his traditional chiropractic skills are top-notch.

Along with his professional skills, Dr. G. is a thoughtful, kind guy who truly has the patient’s interest at heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. G for any athlete, specifically runners and triathletes, who are seeking relief from injury or are looking for a “prehab” plan to continue pain-free running.

Joe Puleo - Author: Running Anatomy (Human Kinetics 2010)