New Patients

The doctors at AFSC want to offer you the opportunity to come in, meet our staff, and talk to the doctor about your complaints and symptoms.  That is why we always offer a free 15 minute consultation, allowing you the chance to learn all you can before deciding if our office is the right place for you.  We always have been, and strive to be, a low pressure office.  Our goal is to get you better in the least visits possible.

We do accept insurance and will gladly call to verify your insurance benefits for you before you make an appointment.

An initial visit consists of a comprehensive exam and treatment, typically lasting about 40 minutes.  You will not need special clothing unless your complaint requires it.  For example, shorts may be needed if you have an IT band complaint.  We do not require x-rays, however if you have recent films or scans the doctor may wish to see them.

You will find the link to our New Patient Paperwork below.  Please fill out as much information as possible to expedite your visit.  When filling out date of birth, the year needs to be changed first to open up the month and day fields.

These forms can not be completed on a mobile device or phone